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Hi there. I'm a professional editor at a publishing house available to take on a select few clients a year. Whether it's talking through the big picture or honing in on the details, I enjoy working on narrative structure, character development, and sharpening dialogue to make your manuscript sing.

As an editor at a small press, I read a lot of manuscript submissions that are worthy but that I simply am not able to publish.

This is why I want to offer my services as an editor, so that more writers can find the right agent and publisher for their work.


If you feel like you are ready to query agents and publishers but your manuscript needs polishing, or perhaps you have written a draft but you feel you need an editor to develop your manuscript further, I'd love to discuss how we might work together.  You can email me at olivia@unnamedpress.com.

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I'm one of the founders of Unnamed Press, a small press in Los Angeles dedicated to publishing diverse voices and debuts. I edit both fiction and non-fiction, including memoir. Books I've edited have been reviewed (and quite favorably) in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, NPR, Paris Review, The Financial Times, and elsewhere. They have also received Starred Reviews from Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, Booklist, and Kirkus Reviews.



“I felt closely connected to my editor as the final version of my book took shape; Olivia definitely had a sense of the big picture – and helped me see it.”
—Rebecca Entel, author of Fingerprints of Previous Owners
“The advice of the editor is invaluable. Olivia Taylor Smith came into the life of Mother of All Pigs when I didn’t really believe the novel would ever be published. After reading a draft of it in 2015, Olivia’s belief in the story was unwavering. More importantly, her comments and editing showed me how not to dilute the space around the story... There is a lot of advice about writing available in "publish yourself books" and on the Internet but nothing takes the place of personal and professional involvement. And when the advice rings true, it can be seen and heard on the page but it can also linger in the mind and soul.” —Malu Halasa, author of Mother of All Pigs



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